War Triology (Pts I Ii Iii) Songtext

[a.] P.O.W. (Projects of War)

[Freestyle, Shabazz]
Mayday, mayday
Mayday, mayday
Captain Freestyle, come in, you copy?
I copy, I copy, Sargeant Shabazz
Send in the first platoons on 31's
I repeat, send in the first platoon on 31's
I located some police activity goin on
You copy?
I copy that Sargeant Shabazz, sending them in right away
Seal off the whole 100 and White Street perimeter
I repeat, make sure all, snipers
take their positions on 80 and DeWhite
You copy?
Copy, snipers takin their positions right now
Perimeter sealed off Sargeant Shabazz, copy
North perimeter, movin in
In case of emergency, keep all air communication lines clear
I copy that, we'll be communicatin by means of morse code
Over and out

Estimated time arrival oh-three-hundred hours, we need firepower
Defcon 5, most capsized, my G eyes, with three eyes
Dip in the trenches - chemical disablin weapons authorized
Awaitin refunitive supplies
Plastique I devise, blend in disguise
Bearing camouflouge, my tactical advantage
Your body I plan to stickup...

[plane flies overhead and drops a bomb]
[gunshots heard in background of conversation]

[Freestyle, Shabazz]
Freestyle, come in!
Yo Freestyle, come in, Arsonist, come in!
Yo, yo Freestyle, come in!
Tell me are you aight? Freestyle, come in!
Yo Freestyle, come in, you copy?
I copy, ahh.. Sha.. Shabazz, ahhh! Arrrgghhh
Aww fuck, they blew my leg off!
Mayday for help, arrrghh! Ahh..
Yo Free, come back in!

Section 9-0-9, attention headquarters, come in headquarters
Phase One of our operation is now complete
We have captured Captain Freestyle
and we are takin him down for cyrogenic testing
Over and out

[b.] M.I.A. (Militia Incarcerated Arsonist)

[Shabazz the Disciple]
No time to think, we on annhilations
Break, I over heard em say they had Free in the observation tank
I reached the headquarters with a vengeance
Blew the door off the hinges
Janked a soldier in his neck with syringes
Gagged him to a motherfuckin chair while shots were ringin out
FUCK Geneva Convention, we pullin fingers out
My P.O.W.'s be tortured up in Riker's
My snipers laced the base with activated time devices
Six of my militia went down to help me prisoner
I'm starin eye to eye with the enemy's commissioner
The first chance a nigga get and I'm gon' shank him
I'm told Hugh, the Arabic nigga, sayin let's take him
the only thing on my mind was reach my cousin
Thinkin Freestyle was bleedin to death, but he wasn't
Surrounded in the dark, interrogated by these agents
One arab nigga spit in my face and lost his patience
He cocked his AK and put it right inside my mouth
Started speakin if I ain't tell him the plan, he blow my brains out
I started laughin, tried to use reverse psychology
My time was runnin out, in this star chart I be a galaxy
Prayin wish me, Allah U Akbar and Ill Raheem
And then they realized we all from the same regime
They radioed for a Huey, and 7 flamed assailaints
All along the C.I.A. had us all under surveillance
We evacuated with Freestyle in nine minutes flat
a SCUD struck the Huey and we crash landed in the swamp..

[c.] Ambush

Celestial Souljahz...

Ambush, soldier brigade, strapped with chemically-laced grenades
Stomp through swamp waters, like the Everglades
Duckin chopper blades ready to deploy, fleet ascended
to twenty-thousand feet, no retreat, until the missiles deplete

Yeah, your fleet'll be wrapped, in the Phoenix formation
Civilization wipeout, chemical warfare radiation
Seven guerillas descendin out of nine Huey's
Sixty-three man militia surround perimeters of the enemy

The Prime Meridian's about to see oblivion, due to air comma
ground, and air attack, twenty-five soldiers out in Stealth bombers

The Godz Work regime movin in with odorless oxzynes
Toxoid vaccines scenes and atroplenes
Wipin out organisms in seven million mile radius
Attack my strateg and mortal remains are miscellaneous

Hittin the right coordinates to sink your battleship subordinate
In adequate conditions your position STILL unfortunate

The ground attack, air attack, sea attack
We attack, the industry attack
Army of God invade your premises annihilate the nemesis
Fulfill the prophesies of Genesis

YEAH I march through your barracks, sprayin automatics
Hold your pawns hostage, heist all your carats
Seems your infantry eventually they sing like parrots
Spies couldn't see they own demise in the tarots
Your first platoon's D.O.A. and M.I.A.
Soldiers of P.O.W., we move like the C.I.A.
We leave no evidence or fingerprints, court adjourned
Y'all mortals better join ranks and crown the sovereigns

I cover covert operation classified information
Rollin in the form of insects with the gift of regeneration
In my oculars, night vision binoculars
Peepin it through periscope
Sittin on nuclear bombs of different isotopes
This assignment, critical governmental realignment
Total annihilation your administration's in confinement
Solitary, military...

[Outro: Shabazz]
End of transmission
This tape will self destruct, in five seconds

[baby crying]

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