Consumer Confidence Songtext

Don¹t tell me I¹m imprisoned Don¹t tell me this ain¹t heaven Gaze up at that billboard, she¹s staring down at me Product X in her hands Yes this is the thing that I need I¹ll get this, I¹ll get her, yes with this she can¹t resist me We¹ll make love, Å'cause I have Product X which I bought with the cash I make working at my shitty job just to make cash to buy Product X¹s like that A smile on my face and my hands to the sky Å'Cause I just cut a deal that will free me for life I tattooed the Product X logo upon my forehead now my days of working are long gone They pay me just to walk around I can¹t wear a hat, I¹m contractually bound To bring up Product X to everyone I see But I still have my dignity you can¹t take that away from me Å'Cause my paycheck is fat just for sportin¹ some ink And I spend the cash to score the trash I see advertised on my friends¹ foreheads My face in my hands, my tears fall at my feet Product X went bankrupt, now my head¹s obsolete But a promising meeting with the tattoo guy Has me planning to alter it to Product Y This tattoo¹s my salvation I¹m free now can¹t you see that? I¹m freeÅ 
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