Apologia Songtext

Hey, please forgive me
All my heartless observations
All my endless fascinations
And my fruitless explanations.

Hey, please forgive me
All my needless preoccupations
And my dire procrastination
And the way I lose my temper.

And won't you excuse me
For the names I can't remember and the letters I never send you
And the mendings I can't do
And subtleties I can't see through.

Hey, please forgive me
All those cruel witticisms
And the social schisms I create
And friends of yours that I make wait

While making my lips bigger
With my finger on the trigger.

And please forgive me
All the things I said to cut you
And the way I must deny you
And the time it takes to try you.

And please forgive my
Ever-present religious overtones, my manner on the phone
And the way I think I'm right
And if I hold your hand too tight...

And please forgive me
All my weird infestations
And my drunken conversations
And my self-deification

And your money that I spent
And the things I borrowed of yours that you never lent.

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