I Will Never Forget Songtext

Things have been too easy for you, getting by without any struggles
If you only knew what you've been caused me, I think you'd start to have some trouble
You put me through hell and back and some would consider you had heartless
I gave you all I had and more, so it's time I start to cause you some stress
Right now I'll take a look around; it's been so long since you've been down
You tore me to pieces in the blink of an eye, now I'm here to take back what's mine.

So here I am, I'm right in front of you
Take a step back; I've got a point to prove
There's no sense to toy with me anymore
You had your chance, you chose to ignore it

I never did one thing wrong, but still you pass me the blame
It was never your fault not once; you know two can play this game
My deck is stacked and on the table
I promise that you'll get what you deserve

Everything that you've said
I will never forget!

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