Lament Manifest Songtext

Did you ever think about the heres and nows
Do you think about the past and gones
Do you think about the what's to comes
Do you breathe or do you live
Do you take or do you give
Did you find a reason for the changing of the seasons?
Did you find a pattern
Did you find a sequence,
A special point in time and space where logic ends
And does it all make sense
And when you sleep do you sleep or do you dream
And when you wake do colours fade?
Or do your dreams take shape?
We all try so hard he replies, to see something special
In all this routine
I've been breaking my own heart a million times chasing dreams and childhood memories -
As you know healing wounds always takes it's time while
Some scars remain all your life
It's the same song the same words, the same old laments
I can't hear anymore, the same streets the same roads
And the same old faces I can't take anymore
We all try so hard to see something special in all this
Routine and I've been breaking my own heart a million times
I've been chasing dreams and childhood memories.
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