Georgia Pine Songtext

Arm, like a gun, said "I'm worried 'bout the next world
I've forgot how to live in this one"

Mouth full of war never shuts up
There's no glory
Dressed in anything less than a fifth

I'm gonna get high as a Georgia pine

I bought a drink for a guy who
Never knew death sat heavy on his nose
It's depressing, there's no magic
Men die and never know

Don't you wish you've led the golden life
Don't you wish you've seen everything
Found your life to be a lonely walk
Don't you wish you've done something else

When I open my eyes
I'm alone in a room on fire
Where's my gun, where's my gun
Where's the scent of sweet Georgia pine

There's no lie worth believing

Last call
Last bliss
Last pass
Last regret
Don't you wish
Last fight
Don't you wish
Last kiss
Don't you wish
So gone
Lights out

I heard a glass-eyed yell for another
"...and one for my sober regrets."
It's contagious
All this movement
Men die and never know

I'm gonna get high as a Georgia pine
And unthink everything I've learned
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