Deep Blue Sea Songtext

Not that you're good; not that you're bad;
you're not really happy, but you're not really sad.
not that you're dull but you're not vefry bright;
not a morning person but you're tired at night.

are you one or ther other, are you for or against,
or just a lukewarm loner,
staying close to the fence?

you're caught between the devil
and the deep blue sea
and you're driffting in the middle ground.
don't want to live life in the in-between

and you're sinking but you can't real swim;
you're not on the outside but you're not fully in.
not that you're slow but you're not very fast;
you're never been first but you've never been last.

are you open to options,
are you biding your time,
or just afraid to commit and to cross that line?

are you sink or swim, out or in,
you don't know -
somewhere in-between.
are you stand or fall, run or stall,
you don't know -
somewhere in-between.

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