Messages Songtext

The note is left on the door,
No one can read the words,
It dropped onto the floor,
Messages were never heard,
It happened all too soon,
You're scared, what's left to do?
You left your family,
And now they're torn in two,
It's all said and done,
Did you have to be the one,
The one who distinctly left us,
With no sign of hope,
Messages you haven't wrote,
Until the day you walked out that door,
How could it come to this,
Is there something that I missed,
That could've helped the situation,
You're gone, It's been a while,
I miss to see that smile,
Return back home,
And now you're never coming back, your gone,
When I'm awake I can pretend,
You never left us,
So now I'll go on with my life, it's hard,
Your message is stuck in my head,
You're never coming back,
I tell myself you are,
I know that deep inside they're all lies,
Look what you've done to me,
Broke up your family,
I know it's hard,
You know they're all lies,
The damage has been done,
And everything has been said,
It started with your note,
Messages that I once read,
The hope has been drained out,
The dreams have been cut short,
You're gone, there is no way out,
So long...
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