Return Of The Living Dead Songtext

[lyrics-Noah and Dave]

Army chemical remains -
They're opened again
Toxic gas escapes - 245 Trioxin!
The two are in pain -
The change begins
No one survives but the unlucky few

Smell the gas, breathe your last
Send the cops, gory props
Munch the brain, down the pain
Covert Ops, bodies drop


Acid rain, atomic blast
Deadly earth, masses gassed
The dead have risen from their graves!
On the hunt for human brains!


Deadly - Hunger

Satan spawns a deadly force, a mindless
zombie army
In your town, underground,
undead await the party
A military blunder causes
catastrophic change
The teeming masses can't be killed with bullet
or a blade

And the dead re-animate!
Army of corpses
They rise from the graves with a hunger for
human brains!

Board up the windows,
barricade the doors
The zombies are comming,
they can't be killed!

And the live will breathe their last -
And the dead will most!
Blood flows and toxic gas - You will hunger for

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