I'll never forget you Songtext

I'll never ever forget you!
You always be in my heart!
Oh I felt so good!

It was the last summer night and i have my first kiss, no I'm sitting here and dream of this:
Of the first summer love I've ever had!
In my Summer holidays with my mum and dad!

He lost so few and he was so nice, when he look at me with his big blue eyes!
I know it will happen too und the sharing friuts!

Iiiiiii I'll never forget you never forget you no no no! (2x)

We kissed so long and it was so new! I didn't know what's to do! But you didi every thing so right, lay back down at this hot summer night!

It came the Time to say goodbye! My heart in my body is starting to cry! (I) asked myself: Why Oh Why! Tears are high too need the sky!

Iiiiiii... (4x)

I'll never ever forget you!

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