Call The Guinness Book, I'm The World's Loneliest Boy Songtext

Hey girl there's no need to start a fight
no need to get to yelling just let me spend the night
there's no telling the things that we could do
please don't leave my heart bruised black & blue

come on come let's have a little fun
i wanna make you scream and i plan to make you
come back to me for so much more
cuz i know what you're looking for

we're both young and the feeling is contagious
we just wanna do something outrageous
there's no time to think and no time to waste

baby girl i'm in need again
we're teenagers going into heat again
oh oh i can't stand to see you by his side
one more chance let me prove you wrong and then
you'll be with me won't even think of other men
no no there's no need to ever let me go

i'm not looking for anything other than someone to treat me right.

oh i've been gone for a long time
missing your face light up when you see me
but there is something i want more
just let me show you what it is
cuz you know that i'm the man and i know just how to give you what you need

now i'm on my way to your bedroom let's start it up now
i've been waiting so long for this moment let's start it up now here we go

just let go of all those inhibitions
you and me got one single mission
are you ready to go
then don't change that position
thanks to you coming true all the things that i've been wishing

do you still want me back? don't let me go

we are the ones who've thrown away our inhibitions
with every mistake we make we will learn our lesson till we make it again.

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