Party At Sydneys (And You Were Not There) Songtext

This is our life
and we'll never give up won't stop dreaming
cuz this music is all that keeps us alive and keeps us moving
don't try and tell us that we'll never make it through
we don't need to prove ourselves to you

we'll keep our heads up high and we're not letting go
can't give that away or trade it for anything
as long as our hearts keep beating
a high five to all the kidz who never stop believing

so how can they tell us it's not right to do what we love?
we've got one life to live and we will live it up
won't let our chances keep slipping away
we'll forget everything they say
we're holding onto this with everything we've got

but don't you ever give up hope
if you're down we'll be right there to help out soon
so let's call our friends and turn up the tunez
don't you know that we just wanna have some fun

we've been told what to do for all our lives
we're done with all the rules you've set aside for us

tonight we're having a party and life is good
we just wanna play music and eat free food
it's a party tonight and we're with all of our friends
and you were not there

so let's try and it may fall through our hands
but let's try and don't let it bring you down.

Party At Sydneys (And You Were Not There) Video

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