Masters Of Our Land Songtext

Look around - what do you see my friend?
Storm clouds filled the Aryan sky
Weeds are taking root in ancient land
Old oaks and young birches cry

Open up your eyes - what do you see?
Wolves are locked up in the cage
Stupid rams and sheep are walking free
Hens are clucking on the stage

We will fight together
Till we clean forever
Our Slavonic land from all what's wrong
Brothers Slavs, unite
And stand up for our country
Let our children sing their fathers' songs

Earth is slowly dying day by day
Father Sun is going out
Songs of birds are gone and woods are grey
But we are alive and will stay!


We'll defend our woods and mountains
We will fight until the end
Aryan blood is in our veins
We're the masters of our land
Yes, Aryan blood is running through our veins
We're the masters of our land.

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