...and This Is Why You'll Forget Me In A Week Songtext

hands to my head ,i'll see tomorrow/for everything I've said,
nothing exists/this is where I begin/understanding is my
weakness, but what I wish for you/nothing is as opaque as this,
but I've made excuses for everything/for every face that ever
failed me/and yours held perfect because you're beautiful/fuck
and I can't see it like you want me to be/this is my end,/I'm
fucking falling behind/because I can't fake it like you/burn this
letter, I'll never speak again/I want you to feel this, I just
want you to hear me/please find this, I'm falling/you'll find my
empty,broken at your bedside, when I find nothing/"please my
sweet, fail me," you'll fail me now...please find this, I'm
falling"beauty is a razor across my wrists"/"beauty is a
razor across your wrists"/hands to my head, I'm seeing
tomorrow now-for a thousand letters I'll never send,
I hope you feel it now.
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