Mission Statement Songtext

I'll spit lines like a oldie spitting tobacco
no mercy on beings that is my bravado
foes having the audacity to battle my aesthetic nature
can't catch my camouflaged radar,good luck haters.

i'm the new born hitta eager as a beaver
the is no doubt im the ferouche creature
ruthless and heartless the adolf hitler
issuing genocide to the jazzmean wanna be's yeah im the newbie
glory and gore on my mind i'll make you bleed

i'm humble though i stumble and struggle to keep up with the hustle
yet born meek inheriting what i see
pastor's preach,teacher's teach
though it comes in then out
without a doubt i'll store it in my heart,naive organ overloaded with abominant deeds it beats fiercely against my ribcage
like morden fashion beaten by vintage

i envisage my future adversary
are they attempting on writing my obituary?
hell no i'm on the verge of taking the 22nd century
a pioneer amongst the new emcees
mission statement : i'm not ordinary being

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