Soylent Green Songtext

She called herself a breakdown
Though she didn't mean it then
The critics loved it so she said it so much
She became the full embodiment
And sunk down with the sin
Her boyfriend knocked the walls down
Though it wasn't what he meant
And by the time he had that gun in his mouth
There was no left left around him
To give back the things he'd spent

All those hours in that cramped little van
Hoping for the gears of that machine
And when they fill my plate, believe me I eat
But the aftertaste tastes just like Soylent Green

There's so much blood there on the grandstand
Yeah, it's great to watch them die
Children praying for their place, it's so real
How can you not afford a ticket to
A travelling suicide?
If all the magic's smoke and mirrors
If it isn't even there
If it's all about just money and hype
Maybe you can give some reason
Why you think that I should care

"Don't you want to be the one they all love?"
I can't lie, at times I wish I held that scene
But as the crimes unfold and suits go home safe
And I crush my amp right off of the stage
Go fish magic, can I catch it? I try
To let you feel exactly what I mean

I want to reach you, but God give me the strength
To hold you free and clean from Soylent Green
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