Vitamin Store Songtext

There's a helicopter outside made of chocolate cheese
And it's comin after me, no, it's comin after you and me
A closet door orangutan bangin' on an empty train
He tells me I should pick your brain but I don't know what that means
Everytime I look around, that SOB, he moves the ground
From the last place that I remember
That we did lines together
Don't think, don't think
That we won't
Both sink, both sink
In quicksand
Don't think that we won't... die

I was an ice cube tray filled with hand grenades
Bumble-bee tuna will surely give you AIDs
I know its not my place but I am sayin' grace
For you are my essay and I'm your ace of spades
Don't speak of love if you know you can't stay
Don't speak of love if you know you can't stay


I was a cougar made of lipstick sleepin' not far from sadistic
In the basement of a vitamin store
I was storin' all my plastics in a boat made from elastics
You fuck slow just like molasses
I don't mean to dis


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