Superfly Songtext

(feat. Aaron Hall)

[CHORUS: Aaron Hall]
I think I wanna get away
I think I wanna fly, fly away
Fly away
A nigga need to get away
I think I need to get high today
And fly away

[VERSE 1: Ray Luv]
Superfly, like a Indo weed and ecstacy high
I gotta get me some, muthafuckas losin they mind
Along with they life, everybody wantin to die
But scared to give in, God, can you teach a nigga to fly?
I'm tryin to get by, get high till I bust through the sky
But I'm stuck in the ghetto, for the life of me I can't tell you why
I'm losin focus, havin flashbacks of rats and roaches
And ripped sofas, no matter what, I'm gettin over
I be damned if I go back to that shit and livin sober
Still I feel the pain, so I pray for God to send a rainbow
Oh what a tangled web do we weave when we [?]
Get caught up in some shit we can't handle when in the mangle

[CHORUS: w/ad-libs]

[VERSE 2: Ray Luv]
Now what could take me higher than Hen, the weed or the gin
The greed or the sin, the grave or the pen - imagine
Peaceful days and nights full of passion with no blastin
Or everlastin repercussions of caskets and sadness
We need a new drug for the masses, Superfly
That won't cost me a dime when I'm jonesin to get high
No need for scissors, zig-zags or plastic bags
Niggas love the rush from the moment they take a drag
Better than cannabis, I know it's hard to believe
Closer to angel dust, impossible to conceive
Go 'head and take a puff, and then you know what I mean
Can't never get enough of the stuff that's servin the fiends
The herb of your dreams take you away from murderous themes
And leadin my team till the players land in honey and cream
The money's cool but won't help me when I struggle to breathe
All of us bleed, so all of us have a spiritual need

[CHORUS: w/ ad-libs]

[VERSE 3: Ray Luv]
I'm startin to peak, I finally found a worthy release
From all of my stress cause every day I battle the beast
And think about [Name] I wonder if he restin in peace
My son and my niece, I wonder if they'll ever be free
They say we should teach but will the people ever be reached
And finally see the value of the life that we breathe
All of us need, everybody got a hope and a dream
We plant em like seeds and pray to God they growin to trees
Battered and bruised, life will beat you down on your knees
You only lose if you snooze or you choose to retreat
I look inside me for answers tot he questions I seek
And swear when I speak, mobbin with the [?] I keep
I reach for the moon, nobody's superflier than me
With my head in the clouds, happy, high as can be
Won't you come along with me
(Won't you come along with me)

[CHORUS: repeated w/ ad-libs]

[Aaron Hall: repeated w/ ad-libs]
Get high with me
And fly away with me

[ Ray Luv ]
Yeah though
This song is dedicated to George Clinton
The man that said
Free yo mind and yo ass will follow
Remember that
We doin' it till 2000
The new millennium

[Aaron Hall]
Do you understand what he's sayin?
I'm talkin about within yourself
Oh yeah
Get the message
Oh yeah
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