Fool Songtext

Do something really clever
That'll make me hate your name for ever
You might swear, you'd never hurt me
Well, let me say you're not far from maybe
Tha last days you found the way to hurt me
Every night I'm praying to hell for glory
I'm sad and hurt but I'm much more sorry

But I can't help myself
I'm just a fool
For handling you like a tool
Or do you just be the one fool?
Because you love me, don't you?

All this pain begins to feel like pleasure
With our tears we could make a see a desert
Salt my wounds and I'll keep saying thank you
Here's a war to fight
And if I win or lose never mind
You asked if I believe in real love
Yes, but I'm sorry, not in yours


Shall I read survival guides
Or am I gonna lose my live?
What will you do then
I'm gonna leave you when
It's all the truth
I can't help it but you're the fool


This is just pathetic and sardonic
It's sardistic and psychotic
It don't makes any sense to me
And I am hurting you
Breaking your heart cuz
I can't stand the truth
One thing, we're the fools

Yeah, we're the fools
Fools, sorry for being the fool
Sorry, I loved you
I saw the moond
It's just the same old rule
I wanna thank you
For being my fool
You're the fool, I hate you
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