Laughability Songtext

But at least it's Funny
At Least It's laughable
At most I'll get to see this all played out for free

At most you feel pathetic
It's hard to see poetic
Would you shake the hand or neck
of the writer responsible for these blunt paprables
Scripting so impecable it justifies the terrible

But at least it's funny
At least it's laughable
At most I'll get to see this all played out for free
Alas, the irony, the private paradoy
gracing me with laughability

So perfectly time delayed, to notice we were all afraid...
Yeah, just in time to pass away
Now I'm left even more afraid
But history repeats this way
Trial, error, learn, stop trying...
At most you're in hell today

But at least you're funny!
At least you're laughable
At most you'll see it hit the fan from front row seats
Alas, the irony, the private parody
It's always barely laughable to me, this Laughability

Thank God it's funny, thank god, that's laughable
The entertainment multiplies when you believe
that we were born to be no more thank parodies
Even I could see, the writer was just me

But at least it's funny, at least it's Laughable
HAHA, HAHA, HAHA, HAHA, HAHA, oh it was only me...

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