Gold Digger Songtext

Hey Mr Gold Man! Where’s my pay?
Hmm.. Mr Gold Man! Not one more day.
Mister! Can’t you hear my children cryin’?

Came to Pretoria in 46, find myself a job
Met a man with a broken arm, he said:
Come along with us, get onto the bus

Hey Mr Gold Man! I’m for sale!
Hey Mr Gold Man! Please don’t turn away.
Hey Mr Gold Man! Can’t you hear my tummy rumbling?

“Hey! You a gold digger? There’s a job for gold diggers here
You won’t get much – but it’s a way to survive.”

So we continued down the road, till we got to the mine
Dirt and dust all around us now – Hey! I didn’t mind
Cause I’m on the workline

Hey Mr Gold Man! Where’s my pay?
Oh Mr Gold Man! Can’t wait another day.
Oh Mr Gold Man! Can’t you see I’m almost dying?

“I’m a gold digger man,
22 pence a shift – no overtime.”

Then I heard a good friend say: There’s a happening in Town
Come and join the Union, boy. ‘Cause today, we ain’t going down,
We’re gonna stand our ground.

Hey Mr Gold Man! Where’s my pay?
O Mr Gold Man! Won’t wait another day.
O Mr Gold Man! Can’t you hear the thunder coming?

Hey Mr Gold Man! Loose these chains.
Time Mr Gold Man! Change is on its way.
Go Mr Gold Man! Don’t come back, this is my country now

“You’d better be leaving now – Mr Gold Man.”
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