Ghetto Ain't Hard, Ghetto Is Hell Songtext

Lived it up, sucked it up
But your all stuck now, Aren't you fucked now
48 years old with two kids you don't know
48 years old got nothing to show
Mothers crying over children's graves
How many mothers wish that you were dead
Who the fuck are you?
Your raw deal, yeah fuck who you are
You're in your mother's car, your Pablo Escobar
Should have packed up, got out of my town
Didn't listen this is how it went down
Reap what I sow, cause I told yah I told yah
Your buggin out is it the crack that they sold yah
Left for the border a minute to late
And now your crying pushin guts with your cell mate
Who the fuck are you
Do all you can to surround me
I'll still be pulling my weight
Let all your hatred surround me
And in the end it will lead to your fate
And it goes(3x)
Nowhere no how, see you when you get out
I'll live on
Won't forget about the rest of you
About who you were and who the fuck you are
Might be the hardest cats on your block
But there are bigger blocks that will stop you at the top
Your sad existence will bother me no more
We're glad you're gone and through my actions we will all live on
I will live on
And I don't give two fucks about your reputation age
And instigation will only get your habits
Knocked right out the back of your skull

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