Tetelestai Songtext

Pull yourself together, you’re the only one that’s left
Getting blood from stone
I’m afraid that everyone listens in tongues
But I won’t give up, I won’t turn back

I can’t turn back

So I love until it hurts
And every blessing feels just like a curse
What's subtle burns so slow
And evolves in circles

Why are you afraid?
The wind is your reprieve to endure

When you give yourself away
They will choose to believe the words you say

Don’t turn back

If you stay and help me cope
You’ll see me fly into the sun, into their vacant minds
To seal their fate, time after time

So say that we’re not the same
And watch me prove you wrong again
You let me in

We live with his answers and still defy the truth is he left the work unfinished the day he died
Longing for rescue when push comes to shove
I frame a space reflected by his love between the lines

When you hide yourself away
They won’t believe a word you say

I am here to bring you closure
I won’t rest until you know yourself
I am here to bring you closure
I won’t rest until you know yourself

I won’t turn back, I won’t give this up
You can’t turn back, you can’t give me up
But if you remember divine sequence, I will return
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