Renegade O'brian Songtext

all i want is a little time
to see if there's something for me in your mind
and i wonder, do you ever take a second glance
when i walk by, do you ever wanna dance
'cause i do every time, i see you can't deny
spread my arms grow wings feels like i am gonna fly alright

and sometimes it just seemed deeper then a crush
and somtimes just ment that i was in a rush
and I knew that i was going to make myself
the fool first time i laid my pathetic eyes
on you but i don't care, i'm better off no where
without you

and when i'm around you, the words they come out wrong
maybe i'll regret it but melissa this is your song
every word i say i want you to know i truly feel
but you'll never be with me so i guess i'll have to deal
but i know i could bring you so much joy
if you would be my girl then i would so be your boy

this is the part where you'll brake my heart I'll ask you to go out you'll say no

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