A Thousand Lies Songtext

You did the best you could
That's all there ever is
You always said I would
Never quite get over this

You meant it like a joke
But you sounded so sure
And anyway, I hoped
I wouldn't hear it anymore

I love to hear you laugh,
a sweet and airy sound
It catches on your breath
and lifts my feet up off the ground

But oh, I've seen you cry
A secret, darkened blush
You hold it all in tight
or you will lose it in the rush

It took a thousand lies
To make these shadows in your eyes
It'd take a thousand lives
to make it right

Sings out of you like prayer
on soft and sailing songs
It comes from God knows where
it's pushing you along

But it feels in you like cold
That's how it's always been
You're scared of getting old
in this same thick and wintered skin

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