A Place To Be Somebody Songtext

My eyes would scream if they could speak.
Four days and i still cannot sleep.
To rest these eyes would mean i'm dreaming.
We buy these things to feel complete.
Confusing want with what we need.
To have it all is over-rated.
I'm not awake but not quite asleep.
I'll try to taste these bitter ending dreams,
and still not let go of these awkward ending ways.
Still not let go, it could be your last days.
i'll burn this down so you will see i am everything you're not.
I am everything you're not.
i'll show you how to feel alive.
I am everything you're not.
I am everything you're not.
Then you will appreciate all the things you never knew.
We'll watch this city fall, as we played our parts.
In the exclamation for the selfless, the helpless, it's all equal now.
We work to make ourselves believe that there is truth in what we read.
to know, not fear that death is certain.
We fight in basements and in streets.
We aren't alive until we bleed.
These open wounds won't stop us breathing.
But do we care?
I felt like destroying something beautiful.

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