Life Got In The Way Songtext

The hip hop world is mourning the loss of manager Chris Lighty who is dead of an apparent suicide
The death of Chris Lighty is gonna have a devastating impact on the music industry

And I wonder would my life be different if you never woulda taken yours
And I know that's selfish but your memory'll break my heart
I remember walkin' in your offices the day we met
And I played you songs and you said I'd be a great success
Shit, I ain't make it yet, I wonder if you're hearin' this
Ain't work together long but maybe since you're gone, you're curious
I'm wonderin' if heaven got XM or a Sirius
And if you hear my interviews and know that I been killin' shit
And my career has been crazy, a lot of highs and lows
On the day we met, I said it's finally my time to blow
My other manager trippin', he thought I'm gon' leave
He thought that my ambition was replacin' all my loyalty
On Thursday, we was textin', was supposed to link the next day
I woke up around 11 and washed up, got ready
I walked out of my crib and got a text from your assistant
She asked me to reschedule to Monday, I said I'm with it
Finished textin' and sat by my building a couple minutes
Then I walked into my crib and I logged into my Twitter
And my heart was beatin', hard to breathe, all I see is R-I-P
I was supposed to be with you the moment that they called police
When they found you bleedin' in your yard, musta been hard to see
You in heaven now but would you ever make a star of me?
Man, I can't help but wonder, what would happen if they never put you under? Rest in peace

Life got in the way, life got in the way of a lot of things man
That's okay, it's a part of my story, every struggle
Every struggle was a lesson, every lesson is a blessing, you feel me?
Like, without all these trials and tribulations
Without god testin' me like this, I would not be the person that I am today
I wouldn't have these stories, I wouldn't have this music
I wouldn't have this gift to share with anybody
So every time I've ever had to overcome something, it's been motivation
That's really what it is, this isn't a story about roadblocks
This is a story about findin' motivation in the hardships
And letting that compel you to be great, you know?
I'm blessed, I'm in the best situation of my life
There are so many things to look forward to
I never felt better, I feel so blessed, I feel so blessed
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