Declaration of Death Songtext

So long, God, It's been so long,
This one thing in between us has become an entire wall,
So long, God, I can't feel you anymore,
Your presence can't wrap itself around me anymore,
I'm entirely alone,
I've made myself this way,
I made me hard, and blocked you out,
This is what I thought I wanted,
To be hard and cold as a piece of ice,
and not care about anything else in the world,
I'll make me into who I want,
and then I won't care at all,
I won't need your presence,
The air you give, the breath inside my lunges,
I'll suffocate myself to stay away from you,
and I'll make own oxygen, won't it be just as good,
these man made products never did last for all their technology,
but I'll be the first to make my own air,
I won't need you anymore,
I don't need the relationships that you placed in my life,
I won't have anything to do with you're perfect little people,
I am my own!
I am my own!
I don't need you anymore,
If I can't do this, then I can't have you,
and I won't need you anymore.
I am my own forevermore!

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