The Curse (The Gift And...) Songtext

well he's burning like a cigarette/his heart is cold
and what he'll find he doesn't know
but I hope you find your way home and don't lose sight
and he's haunted by the voices on the radio
as they scream in chorus just let go
and at the worst they just rip the dial right off your wall
I can't even face you
we can't return
to hate, to love, to breathe this breath you wear
after all,these hearts are bleeding as they burn
it was about the time we were running out (of things to say)
all of the words we say, they don't come out like we want
and we live to respond to your every call
and then it's like cursing at the wind with your fist in the air
and you're begging for forgiveness; nobody hears
in hearts that can't distinguish right from wrong
forever is drowning
time portal's sinking
crossing the boundaries
of love and your reasons
you're a curse
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