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(feat. Fingazz)

[Ese Daz:]
Like a rock
I'm rollin'
Cruisin' through the barrio
Hittin' on the switches
Smoking a cigaro
Wet daddy, Superman
Yeah, you know
Call me the Southside Slayer, Harbor Area superhero
Here I come swervin'
With E-Dubb sittin' shotgun
Sippin' on tequila
Rollin' up a phat one
That sticky-icky green, can you feel it?
Makes you fly, to the sky, elevate your spirit
Welcome to the world of the Land Of The Lost
No sleek stacks, no chocolate, just G's, drugs and glocks [gunshot]
Monte Carlos and Regals that hop
I'm about to hit the switch and start bouncin' up the block

[Chorus: Fingazz]
This is how we roll, we keep it
Groovin' til the break of dawn (So play on)
Just play on
This, is, how, we, roll
So play on (Play on)
Why don't you let, us, play on?

[Ese Daz:]
Rolled up, new Coup, brand new, all blue
Chrome shoes, hey dudes, and I make fools bow
Poppin' my collar, you better holler right now
Pimp for life
I want my dollars right now
Smokin' that chaffey, I rolls with my heat
Bitches see me rollin', tryin' to flag and stop me
So they can tell the homegirls that they roll with papi
A Mexican with braids, so that's why they jock me
I changed up the game, now they're trying to copy
Hatin' so much, that they're trying to pop me
They do it too sloppy and they can't stop me
From stompin' 'em like a bitch in the hotel lobby (Putos!)
That's how we roll
In my area, fool
We bury ya, fool
Just for tryin' to caring, you fool
I'm tellin' you fools
Don't try to fuck with us (Heh, ha)
Don't try to fuck with us


[Ese Daz:]
Somos pocos, pero crazy
Stacee Adams, khakis pants
Tatted up with nicknames
Real eses, real fucked up in the brain
That tequila got my motherfuckin' chest all burned
And gangsters make the world go 'round, it's our turn
Vatos packin' .44's that burn
Stupid motherfuckers ain't gon' never learn
That if you
Fuck with one, then you
Fuck with all
We gon'
Get the guns, then you
Fuckin' fall
Southside for million, one shot
We're killing 'em
You're not from the south, then fool
We're not feelin' ya
Don't need, trees to carve, just need
G's to floss
Them flees out
Flick 'em right
Off of my balls
White boys
Eses and all
I'm tryin' to get this feria, now what
About y'all
I'm tryin' to get this feria, now what
About y'all


[Ese Daz:]
That's how we roll
For the year 2-Double 0-uno
Ese Daz, Lil' Blue
In the motherfuckin' house
With the homeboy E-Dubb
We rock this motherfucker
Ha ha
H-A in ya motherfuckin' ear drum
310, baby
Ha ha

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