No Cry Songtext

oh, so did you ever feel alone?
did you ever wish that all of your problems could've been left untold?
so did you ever throw a stone and watch it roll,
and wish that, with some time you would find that wife,
you'd find that girl that you could call your own.

i think it's not the first time, she said
her heart is fading, shoot me dead, i
think i'm not the only boy for you.
my heart is breaking.

i wish that i could swallow you,
away from strangers.
every time i close my eyes,
i think of someone deep inside of you.

and get away, from you. i think that i am dreaming now.
and get away, hey from you. i think that i'm a dreaming.

on the only crystal shoreline,
begging for just one more line, cause it's fun, yeah?!
drink at times, try to forget her.
sometimes it's not much better.
i wish that i could swallow you,
away, away, away,
i wish that i could swallow you and swig you away, today.

how do you think i feel?
am i happy?
do you see a smile on my face?
or am i really laughing?
am i relaxed?
is there a sad boy in my place?

i'm really not angry.
i'm alive now,
i guess i'm happier in outer space.
but i really can't explain this,
it's not even a high now,
this is just a passing phase.

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