I try Songtext

MaroxxMafia – I try


I… I… try… not… to… cry

Sooner or later I'll tell this world goodbye

I… I… try… not… to… be… defeated

We be Mafioso's for life, till the day we die,

(So move on)

Couplet 1:

When I remember the earlier stage I was in

I open the rage running trough my vanes, I used to

Write my rimes in Dutch it was ironic, I thought

If I'd became a rapper, I would handle the steel click

On age twelve, I only thought of my self,

I would take my cash, leave this rash,

And put all money wolves by the trash,

But now I know what the meaning

Of respect is, I thought it was something to be taken,

Like the power and wisdom, but you have to earn it,

To give you can, but to take you can't learn it.

If I write down mistakes on paper, I'll guess I'll burn it, if someone points

A gun on me, I'll turn it, cause though I'm the youngster of

The century, I have my weaknesses, I thought I told you who the

Prophet is, I do my best to keep it like this,

I don't forget quickly about my girls and boys,

You should see me in a Rolls-Royce convertible, roof down, and windows

Up, we won't stop for a cop, black light under the bottom,

The only sound that conquers the singing of the V12 is

Our album, fly girls on the backseat, bouncing their heads

With the double X beat, as we continue and turn in every street

Couplet 2:

Life can be great, it's in your own hands, destiny can be

Controlled, for long times, my hard was cold, stories' been told

People grew old, But the Mafia family kept the honor with honor,

And defeated the enemies behind the lines we made,

Ya'll thought of me, as a rich company,

with no ears, no eyes, don't try cause I don't

Believe lies, Double X is the brand, So do the double X hand, The

Killamob became a trend, We started working hard, writing lyrics,

to defeat others, battles on beatboxes, and rapping with brothers,

No place to rap, we can't go home, we even rap in a store, but

The result is hardcore, don't ask me for the score,

Don't be scared now, after double X takeover, there comes more,

Good things last, Maroxx is simply the best,

Our style is not to convince to go slow so it's fast

You should see me in a Benzie, windows down, picture the sound,

Of this baby, with four outlets, we hit the blocks, the sound in

The disc player rocks, number plate saying, We take over,

So, so don't tell me it's a surprise, I could see through

Your eyes, reflecting my ice, we try..


I… I… try… not… to… cry

Sooner or later I'll tell this world goodbye

I… I… try… not… to… be… defeated

We be Mafioso's for life, till the day we die,

(so move on)

Couplet 3:

We try, to mix American old school, Moroccan exotic flutes, and Dutch

Hip hop, and it's sounds like this, so we can't stop,

we can't stop, we try, breakdance-battles on a parking lot rooftop,

we try, rob a bank,

Without the employees noticing, we try,

to drop the hottest sound even though we kids, we do our thing,

we try to be the most wanted little youngsters in the rap-industry,

we're a legacy, living legends, most in Allah believing rappers,

we will make it, we will take it, this is our shit,

Welcome to the take over of the double X, most critically, but the flyest

Tracks, its like the feeling of ours heads op the wall and

XX tags, it's like me with a hardcore dress code, high heel revolution X

Kicks, and a fly cellular with I-mode, a girl on each arm,

When I enter you hit the button for alarm, yo there's Rifla Buya with his down gang, ya'll afraid for a fifteen-year old with a bang, Nah, I ain't rich, but if I was, money would be my bitch, there won't pass a day

Without blood spoiling, think of me as desperado, with a guitar suitcase, full with arsenal from the hometowns in Morocco

Couplet 4:

Defense is the best attack, but it has no effect

Many see the elites like rookies, but all we do is real, we don't steal,

No kills, no chocolate-chip cookies, but fat sticky dough,

We came saw en unleashed our flow, is it all worth,

and if it is where is it fo', people with no talent like to criticize,

I have seen a lot, and everything I saw hurt my eyes,

our rimes ask for preciseness,

For trespassing you pass to tress, I missed a class, or hundred,

Cause I was fed, up with German, things like that, I don't need,

I'm a simple kid of the street, but soon I'll start my revolution,

Who thinks its necessary to join, be my guest, we only do

The best, have you ever rapped and partied for three days with no rest,

We were hired to do things like this, they even heard our hardcore

Rap disc in London, Rome and Paris, we were amateurs,

came up like we took the stairs from the basement,

we were kings for a weekend,

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