Callypigos Songtext

so it apears to be, now this could be one in everlasting peace
still would you believe?
it layed across the sheets and felt like feathers in the breeze
it might be more to you, and like this, it could be something new
and in motion its bliss for what you crave
rise high as you float along the wave... but just know.

its more than a dream
you love to make it scream
just watch... even sit

perched upon i insist it is this i wish to tastse

well lets think about it
if faced with the truth would you doubt it
could you make her way and not part it
think about something more than youll want it
so help it here
faith is a word thats so unclear
running down her cheek is a joyful tear
we set it there once it sets in the air

so say goodbye to a soul with a pure mind
and say goodbye to whats justified

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