Walking Dead Songtext

Stock, stocked out money
12, 12 gauge shotty
Try not to catch a body
Zombies all around me
All my niggas walking dead
No this ain't a show
All my niggas on the go
One word they let it blow
I be on some fly shit
O-of white pyrex
[?] from my sidebitch
[?] tell [?]
[?] Ostrich
4, 4 door, [?]
Pull up like Caine in Menace
Go [?] in pendant
Run like Emmitt
Gettin' dope by the minute
On my 24th hour
Then I got 24 minutes
Ko-Kobe in the clutch
Ko-Kobe with the finish
Mr. Flawless with the finish
Rolex, diamond sittin'
I pray for the sinners
And I pray we keep winnin'
But that's mandatory
When you live with no gimmicks
Stay high like Hendrix
Party as [?]
Wear shades in the spotlight
Cut red like a spotlight
And you know it's double stuff
When you broke, can't double up
Get your hustle up
Get your muscle up
Be a legend in the game
Don't just worry 'bout a change
That's a little gay
(I said that's a little gay)
(That, that's a little gay)
(Gay, that's a little gay)
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