Imaginary Sufferings Songtext

I didn't want to stay at home alone
This morning to the madhouse I have gone
Especially the victims of the war
Have stuck my mind with show that I saw

Mentality destroyed of heavy wounds
In hours awakened under mounds
The chamber seemed like terrific blindage
In darkened light it looked just like a cage

The orders are there given every night
They execute them silently in fright
Shelters and the ground holes are beds
The sudden screams are heard in heads

It's the Imaginary Suffering
The war forgotten evermore
It's the Imaginary Suffering
The memories are stronger then the lore

In the ears of unfortunates
The scream of shells keeps on
Their eyes like five years ago
Are full of demonic horror
Bayonets will never stop
To pierce in soft stomachs
Tanks ruthlessly force down
Crying wounded bodies
And press them like flounders
In thunder of endless struggle

Explosions of hand grenades
The Crash of splitting skulls
Terrible Singing of the mines
Rattle of pressed down men
In spite of failed blindages
Everything was saved in minds
Just like from the black magic
Which was created so cruel
And is filled with Tacit Fury
In that chamber of sorrow

With turned to pale eyes
In horror they scream and cry
Choke in restrained shirts
Silent thunder-storms of chaos
Fall on there weakened minds
Jelly legless wriggling existence
Crawling deintellected creature
Life of carrion slowly drafts
To intestines, brain and breaks into
Dim disintegration of beginning
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