Come Follow Me Songtext

The more that I write the more she forgets the love
Attention can't be spent in both places at once
Even right now I know she's getting furious
A dark cumulous cloud because both are getting serious
I picked up the pen before she got picked up and
She probably thought that I could put it down like what, but
It's the crutch that's got my life stable
Keeps the blood flowing through my veins like an I.V. cable
Maybe I could give it a shot and put rap to rest
I've been stressed, mixed and matched with the fact I'm depressed
"C'mon honey you cant be an emcee forever"
But I'm not ready to quit, I'm ready for the next endeavor
And I'm not trying to meet just to have sex together
Trying to work it all out so we can last forever
So stick around, I promise it can only get better
And I admit I should've told her this the day that I met her

So please honey come follow me
I want to show you what I got inside of me
I thought I told you but I obviously
Forgot to introduce to E-double D I E

It's ironic how I used time to write rhymes about you
When I claimed I didn't have time to talk or go out too
I had a mouthful of rhymes I couldn't spit fast enough
Plus you hate when I rap when were together but that's just tough (SE)
I speak in rhymes at inconvenient times
And add a little flow so you know that its mine
So you can take it or leave it I know you hate to believe it
But this is me Ed Garrett, a package deal
That's joined the actors guild others perform but they aint coming half this real
So if you wanna stop me I aint worried bout the profits
Got a lot of other means to get currency in my pocket
But what I am worried about is letting myself down
I've come way to far to end it all now
So I'm not ready to quit my disc just started spinning
But I know I should've told her all this in the beginning


And I gotta give credit where credit is due
You put up with some sick ass rhymes unedited to boot
For a while I couldn't spit a clean rhyme without offending
Talking bout fucking girls and all different types of woman
And I understand you didn't want to listen but my mission now
Is to paint my life with hopes to reach a different crowd
And I cant tell you when I'll quit cause see I don't know yet
But I'm not ready for the towel right when I got my flows wet
I got a taste of the fame and of course I stayed the same
This is a part time thing to help get thoughts off my brain
I've been going crazy lately with the stresses that I'm facing
Work, rap, and undergraduate graduation
And next year for grad school with the scores on a placement
So I'm really looking forward to an applause in amazement
Now it's time to leave I'm through with contemplation
But I should've told her all this in our first conversation

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