Quick To Bust Songtext

I started flipping and spitting before I was hitting the kitten
So it was hard for me to write about getting with women
Now I bag em and gag em leave em walking around staggering
Back in the day I would've put it up in Mary Magdalene
I lift em with ism, twist em kiss em but never miss em (SE)
Listen diss em piss on em especially if that bitch is dumb
30 olds let us let us run train on dirty holes
And a bunch of birdie hoes wardrobes full of flirty clothes
It's me E-D pinching on the back of your bra
No house, we'll do this in the back of your car
No better be prepared no acting at all
Cause you was grabbing on my dick when we was back at the bar
And everything you wearing is off and this alcohol aint wearing off
Pop a viag you no longer staring at soft
Want a condom? No problem my hearing is off
Wait about 2 minutes then I'm tearing it off
And I don't worry about diseases cause I only fuck the clean ones
Make sure they running 98.6 before I eat one
And if they got a fever no excuses shits fatal
Lay down, spread your legs as I dip your douches in Drano

I'm quick to bust a mean nut in some teen slut
Eddie Haskill, name alone says it all
The versatile Honey licking wild golden child
And you probably thought I'd leave off the old style

Eddie known to flip the script dick full of lipstick
I pour glue on that shit and make their lips stick
So I'm the only one to hit Ask Simonian
He'll tell ya how I boned em in his whip
Filled em up and then I split (SE)
They say the only thing I rap about is sex drugs
I'm learning, blank checks and thugs is far from suburban
See I remember back when Eddie didn't have skill
Talked about gats but Eddie didn't pack steel
Learned from the mistakes until Eddie Had skill
And I'mma keep it up until Eddie Has deal
So you can ride with me Buffalo's got few besides me
But everybody wants to put their boys boy beside me
I got collabs in the works no time for faggots or jerks
But if we talked then soon we'll be attacking with words
How you gonna stand there and grill when you know I spit fire
Claim to not feel but ya'll are bitch liars
Cause if this was your favorite rapper rapping these lines
You'd be braggin how blank so and so adapts to the times
Does Eddie Haskill pull girls? Yeah its true (SE)
But I like it a lot better when I get to push em too


This is the last verse you hear me talking bout fucking these hoes
I'm a changed man back rubs and sucking their toes
Went from pulling down shirts now I tuck in their clothes
I used to deflower the girls now I come up with rose
And no more beef yo I even wish luck to my foes
Little dick, any bitch that got stuck with it knows
I used to be a bout upskirts and copping a feel
Now I'm buying her a purse and going out for a meal
She doesn't like Eddie so I stopped shopping for deals
She doesn't like drugs so I stopped popping the pills
Said if I got a deal I probably get dropped or killed
I know what happened to Big L and Tupac but still
I'm Eddie Haskill, known for spurting in throats
Once I get em in bed I'm almost certain she'll boast
Back to my original self stay dispersing these quotes
And be happy that the first two-thirds of this verse was a hoax, bitch

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