Horrific Distain Songtext

[Music by: Lesniak, Wolff, Stewart]

The blood red sun peaks above the clouded sky, a mid summer cry
The moon leaves nightmares and not dreams, a mid summer's scream

Through the fallen leaves of October, across the plains I drag you
Lifeless, molested and mud-caked, beaten, black and blue
Your death last night was deranged, the same as my victims before
Everyday for me is pain, Horrific Distain...

Lurching, crouching, to make my way through, another victim, my collection I will add to
An idol made of carnage, stitch together all the parts
Like pieces of a puzzle and a bucket full of hearts
Slicing, dicing, hack and tear
My axe is swinging everywhere, bones are broke
And skin is seared, anguish in a bloody tear
Dying in a sick despair, murdering without a care
On Halloween, the night to scare, your blood will shower through the air

A swamp of starving piranhas, mosquito's with sick intentions
Rabid wolves with rabies must feast, vulture's collect the carnage

It smells like shit inside his cavern, lined and laced with corpses
Human parts as walls of plaster, leaking freshly spilling blood
Slicing, dicing, rip and tear, butchery without a care, screaming victims you will hear
The dead of night, I'm always there, lurking in the dark and near the boogieman
The one you fear, on Halloween the night to scare, your blood will shower through the air

Eyes would be drawn to you, if you lived among the normal world
Terror always fills their hearts, some of them have even died of fright
It was an easy way to make a kill, this one was a freebee still
I fucked her since she's dead anyway, dead women will never say no
Torment glazed the eyes of the next, I put a hatchet in her head and an axe in her chest
Now as I bring them to my tomb far away, they'll never see a grave
'cause they're my toys to play with

Gators with jaws that drip blood, leeches eat flesh in the mud
Mountain bears to beat you senseless, hungry lions suck your bones fresh
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