Thoughts On Courage Songtext

walking through the rain partially in pain
from thinking everything I said were words spoken in vain
taking all the risks; facing all that this could ever mean
it's something real but I feel like dream
running through the rain partially insane
in thinking everything I said were words spoken in vain
drunk off your eyes
I stumbled in my tries
one before the next
and then I emptied out my chest to you
left with nothing I can do
I've got nothing left to prove
do you?
everything I said was true
and the rain slowing down
and this night on the town has become
more than you ever thought it could
what would you have me do?
I'm waiting on your phone call
I'm waiting on your voice
decisions that you make are forever
I wish you hadn't made that choice
I'm burning on this inside
but the flicker's burning out
I feel it burning out
and this could hurt
I gave it all to you
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