Step To My World Songtext

Don't start 'cause I'm irate. 19 fucking years of hate. Reaching back so long ago, so fuck you niggas 'cause you don't know my pain. The inner truth. Institutions I've been through. Twisted guards of the insane inflicting thoughts into my brain.
My world, step to my world, my motherfucking world.
Rage so close to me, rage is my idemnity. Locked up for my insanity. You took away my rights to be unbound from your sick mind. Now I'm back to take what's mine. Stronger heart a stronger mind. You're fucking dead I'll win this time.
My world, step to my world, my motherfucking world.
No sympathy therapy, progress denied. Light of day I won't see. Locked doors treat me for my insanity. Reaction fails. Brutal threaths. Infamy. Lifetime of vindictive rage within me. Suffer the loss of your integrity. You've raped my mind with your hypocrisy. Meet you demise little non-entity. I grant you pain. Suffe my hate
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