Supremacy Songtext

I shall not stop hating those who hate me first. Spreading words of prejudice only makes my anger worse. You think your standards all above all that exist. But your feeble wicked mind won't continue to persist.
One by one I despise your kind, try to pay no mind, but reminded when I read between the lines. Hear the stories every goddamn day, another niggas life is viciously taken away.
After all the years of dishonor and pain, the numbers grown in the failed attempt to reign. Feel the pain that accompanies shame. You think you represent a klan, but you disgrace your name.
You've been taught to hate, mentally disintengrate those who are of different faith colour greed and preference. Racist, fascist, I'll but you in a casket and make you feel the pain you've bestowed our masses.
You have marked and plagued us for centuries of injustice. Beaten, raped, enslaved us with only vengeance.
After all the years of dishonor and pain. All I have for you is my fucking hate. My vision overpowers your train of thoughts. Prey upon my life, you'll find I shall not fall
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