A Life In The Priesthood? Songtext

the splatter effect seemed tasteless
as they cleaned the walls and floor
the judges all were faceless
as they hid behind the door
the rules were never outlined
does this mean I'm outside the law?
my stomach is sinking fast
i've been here before

fast enough i shall wound it
i'll know when it's over
ideas and components
criticism's burden

carping on the obvious
will soon go out of style
your love for nostalgia
makes me go the extra mile
my campaign for office
has been raging for some time
but the nameplate, on the door
still says your place not mine

fast enough i shall wound it
let me breathe 'til then
i'll know when it's over
on that you can depend
ideas and their components
need not be set in stone
criticism's burden
i can bear alone
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