I Feel The Comfort In The Ruin Of It Songtext

i have no idea
i don't care to talk about it
i could stare you down
you go home and think about it
it's my empty life
you don't have to care about it
i do what i like
you just get to stare at it

i could kill you now
you just flinch and i would do it
there's no going back
i threw away the keys to it
there's still room for attack
the smell of fear leads me to it
the hand that grips the axe
feels the comfort in the ruin of it

you don't know how i feel
no idea what's real to me
you don't know how i feel
i am driven by a different fear

what do you care?
if i have the guts to live or die
there's no looking back
if you must you can believe the lies
i can be attacked
i can take it believe me i won't cry
and i won't back down
and you should never ever wonder why
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