Another Sleepless Night Songtext

Everybody has their own song
I gotta find myself a way just to make it on my own
who could forget everything we shared
cuz with the depth you left your mark, it's indelible

now here I am, and I'm singing without you
one year later
but now I've gotta do my own thing
I can't let myself down cuz I'm all I've got

let's break down these walls that hold us back
second chances never come easily
so don't you give up, and don't you quit now
just put our heart into it, we can do anything

and for the kids who don't know what we're singing about
we're not trying to impress you
we just wanna make it for ourselves
and if you're trying to put us down then we're calling you out
they say opportunity comes once in a lifetime, but I can't lay my cards down
we may be down sometimes or find ourselves in a rut
but we'll always see this through

why can't we see ourselves ever matter?
we've got a lifetime, we can do anything!
don't let it all go

we'll sing our hearts out, here's to another sleepless night
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