Transcendence Songtext

You went and pushed me much to far to break my pride. Years went by and my heart turned black, as the memories never died. Time and time I say to myself, what's become of me? It burns me every time I look back I cannot let this be.
When niggas used to step to me they always got the best of me. When I looked my niggas wasn't next to me. Ashamed, disgraced whenever they stepped to my face. Deep within my core lies a chapter, a part of me unknown still after taking all the pain. I knew I was to blame.
I've locked these wounds for far too long, keeping me up till the break of dawn. You tried to start shit 'cause I made a glance. You should've shot me when you had the chance...
I'm gonna bring you everlasting pain. What's up motherfucker? Come see me now. Bring your crew and try to make me down. I don't have to roll with my 27 deep. When I bust into my rage, don't even sleep. I'm here now try to break me
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